Niagra Falls

Niagara Falls is certainly a wonder to the world and while it is most impressive to witness it’s sheer beauty and force of nature in person, one of the next best ways to appreciate this stunning scene is to own a whole plate ambrotype of the falls.  This crystal clear, spectacular whole plate ambrotype shows a couple proudly posed on the American side of the falls.  Dressed in formal and fashionable attire it is quite possible this was their honeymoon celebration as so many other couples have done in subsequent years.  The man sits proudly on a chair while trying to mimic the great stature of the falls and his wife demonstrates a high level of grace.  The detail on the rocky shore is fantastic and the photographer has done a wonderful job of capturing the movement of the water.  The plate is in excellent condition with very nice tones and contrast.  It is housed a lovely full whole-plate case.  We have repaired the spine with pneumatic leather.  There is no preserver but judging by the fit this was the original presentation.