two-sided cabinet card

Hilarious staged two-sided cabinet card with one side showing a woman standing on a child’s rocking chair with a homemade mouse on the floor below her.  She has a devilish grin on her face and has played her part to the tee.  It couldn’t have been easy for her to balance on that small chair with the rockers!  There appears to also be a rolled up piece of paper next to the mouse that we can assume she threw at the mouse trying to chase it away.  On the other side is a family portrait of children which judging from their appearance is most likely her children.  We feel that this could possibly be the photographer’s family having a bit of fun with their family portrait like so many people do with their annual Xmas cards today.  The image is very good minus condition.  The portrait has slightly stronger tones and contrast and there is some small spotting as seen on both.  There is some obvious wear and chipping to the top layer of the mount.  By W.L. Howell, Altamont, IL.  A simple fun cabinet card that would generate a lot of conversation and fit in well with any collection.  Most certainly a one of a kind image!