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Mother-of-pearl case with painted inset
Extremely rare, unlisted quarter-plate mother-of-pearl, book-style case with painted oval inset on the front cover.  This stunning case, with contrasting abalone and the rich colors of the miniature painting of a town square, is truly amazing.  The back is plain but equally beautiful in its patterns and hues.  The inside of the case is lined with red leather that has a gilded design and a lovely green velvet pad.  A sharp ambrotype of a couple rounds out this wonderful presentation.  The case is in excellent condition with a small repair in the past to the top right corner which can be seen in the scan.  The inside has had a small repair of the hinge with a thin strip of pneumatic leather that has been carefully dyed to match the red interior.  Don’t miss this chance to own this one-of-a-kind case that would be the center piece of most case collections!  $1,500

Triple-thick oreo
Wonderful triple-thick black oreo case with a mother-of-pearl center on both sides (Berg 316M1).  The case is in excellent condition and contains tintypes of a husband and wife.  It opens and closes very smoothly.  Sold

Book-style locket
Sweet book style brass charm locket similar to Berg 6-147. Designed to hold four images, this particular example contains three tintypes: two of young girls and one of a young man that has some damage. The locket itself is in very nice condition with a beautiful brass color and a lovely floral and geometric design. The clasp works smoothly and the ring is still attached for use with a chain or charm bracelet. $150

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