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19th century
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Large format paper photograpy

Platinum prints by English photographer G.K. Balance

A selection of platinum prints by the English photographer G.K. Balance, of Menton, England.  Balance was active in the early 1900’s and was part of the naturalist movement.   He is known primarily for his platinum prints.   Balance worked all over Europe, but was most prolific in Switzerland and England.  In 1908, while in Switzerland, he exhibited at the Fifth Annual Exhibition of Photographs of the Worcester Art Museum.  Later in 1930 and ’31, while active in the pictorialist’s circles in England, he exhibited at the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Photographic Society.    Each of the following platinum prints measures 5” x 6 ½,” including the border:



Val D'illez


Rustic Fountain and Church


Old Houses on the Aare

A Walk on the Beach
Wonderful study of light and contrast in this gelatin silver print of a man walking on the beach by Edouard Boubat, (1923-1995). Boubat first became interested in photography after World War II. One of France’s most famous romantic photographers, he traveled all over the world. This particular image is identified in print on the back of the image as “Indie, 1971, Boubat” and is signed E. Boubat on the front of the print in the margin. This illustration has been slightly cropped to accommodate our scanner; the photograph measures approximately 11 ¾” x 14 ¾.”

Hawaiian Coconut Tree

Interesting unmounted gelatin silver print with a coconut tree as the main subject. A white picket fence in need of repair stands in the foreground while a small house is situated in the back left corner. The photograph is identified in pencil on the back as #154 coconut tree. The image measures 4 1/2” x 6 5/8” and has been printed in an unusual matte-finish format. It was purchased as part of a small lot of identified Hawaiian images. The gray background creates a nice contrast with the lush foliage and white house and fence. A sharp image, circa 1920-30s.

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