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Lot 22

Dramatic, rare, undersized English half-plate ambrotype, (4” x 5”) of a distinguished-looking man lobbying on the behalf of the property owners in Burnley Union, England.  We see three papers or bills.  The bill in his hand reads, To the Ratepayers of Burnley.  Judging from the stamped envelope, the quill pen in his hand and the inkwell on the table, our gentleman is surely writing his own statement concerning property taxes to mail to either the other property owners or to the Union government.  The paper in the foreground on the table reads, Parochial Assessment Act, while the one in the back reads, Burnley Union, Financial Statements.  Judging by the sour expression on his face we are assuming he is unhappy about rate changes on property. 
Through research we found that Burnley Union was dysfunctional at least in the early years.   According to the book, The Anti-Poor Law Movement, 1834-44,  By Nicholas C. Edsall, “The Burnley Union stretched along the upper Clader Valley at the northern end of the Lancashire textile district.”  Evidently this represented a cluster of small towns and villages that were spread over the whole area.  The Cole district resented the inclusion and boycotted the Board of Guardian Elections.  The other areas seem to cooperate as an entity. Through our brief search we have not discovered any information online that would be relevant to this particular time period however with more time for research this should be a relatively easy task.  As far as the Parochial Assessment Act, 1836, we have found one part of the bill in a book that concerned the Lumley Union. While it doesn’t state much we assume this concerned the portion of tithe’s or taxes that went to parishes in the Union.
The image is in very good plus condition with strong tones and contrast.  There are some extremely small spots where the black backing is missing and this is generally only noticed when holding the image at an angle in light.  We purchased the image with no case and we have mounted it in a passe-partout presentation for easy display.  A political protest is certainly a genre that we have never seen before so it is quite rare and a fun piece to research!   Framed and hanging on a wall, this would truly impress any 19th century photo collector!

opening bid: $550

current bid: $600


Lot 23

Stunning Japanese ambrotype of a monk dressed in a fabulous robe and posed next to a table with a small globe on top.  Did this religious man study other cultures or did he have a desire to travel?  We would certainly love to know the story behind this image but we are even more fortunate to have the ambrotype itself!  The monk’s robe is unique, with large openings in the sleeves that appear to be heavily starched.   The visual illusion is quite stunning, showing barely a hint of a finger or two which appear so small in comparison.  There is a small clover-like design on the right sleeve.  The monk also holds a long, slender unidentified object in his hand on the left.  We purchased the plate bare and have prsented it with a simple sixth-plate modern paper passe-partout presentation for easy display.   The image itself is slight larger than a sixth-plate at 2 ¾” x 3 13/16.”  It is in excellent minus condition with beautiful tones and contrast.  There are some light spots original to the process that are not a distraction. 

opening bid: $275

current bid: $285


Lot 24

Intriguing sixth-plate ambrotype of a handsome young man working with his hands.  The previous owner speculated he might be playing a game of cat’s cradle with some dark string but we think he is possibly a tailor.  He is wearing an extremely long white scarf around his neck however on the bottom we see a dark polka-a dot pattern and it appears that the string is going through at least a couple of areas of the fabric.  We feel he is possibly demonstrating the craft of his trade.  We’ve provided a close-up scan so you can judge for yourself because we feel either scenario is plausible with this unique ambrotype.  The image is in excellent condition with strong tones and contrast along with some tinting to his face.  There is a hint of extremely small mat marks on the perimeter as seen.  It is housed in a full case. 

opening bid: $95

current bid: $


Lot 25

Exceptional quarter-plate English occupational ambrotype of a young butcher who appears somewhat awestruck by his experience at the studio.  He certainly has that deer-in-the-headlights appearance and we notice at the very least he has an overbite.  He is wearing traditional work attire with a blue tinted apron and English butcher’s knife sharpening steel hooked at his waist.  His cool patterned shirt underneath his coat has been tinted red. The book on the table is a more subtle, similar color.  The tablecloth has been tinted blue.  The image is in excellent condition with great tones and contrast.  It is housed in a nice, full leather case.  The back clasp is missing one small pin which could easily be replaced and doesn’t prevent the case from latching properly. 

opening bid: $150

current bid: $


Lot 26

Terrific sixth-plate outdoor ambrotype of the owner standing in front of a large brick building.   There is a name on the sign that appears to read G.E. Enrick.  There is a pencil note behind the image that identifies the building as the Brier Tavern.  The image was found near Allentown, PA.  Our consignor purchased this at Brimfield and the dealer made note of the id behind the image.  Just to the left of the man we see three raised white doors.  This appears to possibly be a docking area where product could be delivered without disturbing the customers.  The image is in excellent condition although soft in focus. 

opening bid: $125

current bid: $125


Lot 27

Artful English oversized half-plate ambrotype (4 ¾” x 6 ½”) of a mother and father with their four daughters.  The photographer tries for a delightful spontaneous pose which was spoiled by the youngest child crying on her sister’s lap. To add insult to injury the sister looks particularly annoyed at her sibling!  The father followed directions perfectly as he gazes down at the table where his wife has pen in hand with an ink well in front of his eldest daughter’s hand.  The daughter gazes slightly to the side but the mom stares directly at the camera.  The mother surely annoyed the photographer as we are certain his desire was for her to appear to be writing a letter, and she looks unhappy as well.  The daughter in front is engrossed in her book just as instructed.  A wonderful image that illustrates the trials and tribulations of being a photographer!  The image is in excellent condition with bright tones and contrast.   An interesting addition is an ad that has been place behind the black backing for support.  It reads Huntley & Palmers Superior Ginger Nuts.  J. Huntley started the business with his son in 1822 but by 1841 he formed a partnership with George Palmer who became the chief source of the business’ success.  Could this be Mr. Huntley or Mr. Palmer’s family? This image comes without a case.  Please see the following image of the same mother and her youngest daughter. 

opening bid: $100

current bid $100


Lot 28

Heartwarming sixth-plate English ambrotype capturing a mother gazing at her young daughter in the most lovingly and tender manner.  The girl appears to possibly be eating something and seems quite oblivious to the whole process.  This special moment has a spontaneity that we seldom see during this time period.  The image is in very good condition with lovely tones and contrast.  There are a few light line marks in the background.  It is housed in half of a case. 

opening bid: $45

current bid: $50


Lot 29

Adorable sixth plate ambrotype of a beautiful, wide-eyed child bundled in fur and sitting in an extremely cool miniature sleigh carriage.  The baby’s eyes are so big they look like they could pop out at any time.  Possibly a sign to mom and dad that the child doesn’t want to go back out in that snow and cold anytime soon!  The carriage is a luxury with its beautiful fabric and design –clearly this was an affluent society family.  The piece is in very good plus condition with lovely tones and nice contrast.  There is small spot that lacks the collodion on the top left corner which is original to the process.  It is housed in a full leather case with a past repair to the spine.  From an older, consigned collection. 

opening bid: $85

current bid: $


Lot 30

Great quarter-plate ambrotype of a young man posed in his wagon.  The horse holds perfectly still so the photographer can capture his portrait.  The driver stares directly at the camera with an edge of cockiness, as if he will soon take over the world.  He is sporting a cloth wheel-style hat and wears a pair of gloves.  We also love the shadow of the small bare tree on the house in the background.   The image is in excellent minus condition with hand tinting to the man’s face.  It is housed in half of a leather case. From an older, consigned collection.

opening bid: $120

current bid: $120


Lot 31

Hand tinted ninth plate ambrotype of a woman in a black bonnet.  At first glance she appears to be holding a large knife but upon closer inspection it is a feather which is most likely a quill pen.   The image is in very good condition with light tinting to her wrap along with gold gilded highlights on her jewelry.  A few mat marks as seen in the scan.  It is housed in half of a case.  From an older collection we are selling. 

opening bid: $25

current bid: $


Lot 32

Exciting cdv tintype (2 ½” x 3½”) of a large group of surveyors.   We count nine men total; however, the two men more formally dressed and sporting bowler style hats back and center are likely the brains behind the operation.  Possibly this is a large operation and the rest are employees or apprentices.  We see two transits and two ranging rods or poles.  One man is holding an extremely long piece that has markings throughout the length.  It is difficult to determine for sure but the markings appear to be numbers and seem to be random.  This is flat like a yard stick and as you can see it is longer than the tintype allows.  On the ground to the left there are numerous axes and a bundle of wood which appears to consist of shims or possibly small stakes.  The image is in excellent condition with strong tones and contrast.  There are a few extremely light marks that, while seen in the much larger scan, are virtually unnoticeable when viewing the image.   A fabulous piece with more surveyors than we’ve seen in a tintype so don’t miss out on this rare tintype! 

opening bid: $125

current bid: $

Lot 33

Comical quarter-plate tintype of a man taking a nap on the ground after a long day of relaxing.  Stretched out with his head resting on a fence, and with a bush for a cushion, we see his picnic basket turned on its side and an open book lying nearby.  His straw hat leans against his leg.  We all know a day of reading and eating can be extremely draining!    The image is in very good minus condition with nice tones and contrast.  There is a bend or dent on the top of the rock and a few scattered spots as seen.  It is housed in a leather case that is barely attached at the spine.  A heavier piece of leather was used sometime in the past for a repair.  From an older collection we are selling. 

opening bid: $55

current bid: $55


Lot 34

Intriguing oversized quarter-plate tintype, (3 ¼” x 5”), of a sweet young girl holding a shutter release with bulb that has a small brush attachment to clean the lens.  We haven’t seen an example of this particular bulb in an image before so it is possibly a one of a kind tintype.  The girl seems quite bored with the whole experience even though the photographer has most likely directed this nonchalant pose.  She is identified on the back as Nell Rome.  Possibly the photographer’s daughter, and has probably been through this too many times!   The image is in very good condition with nice tones and contrast.  There are a few spots and light wear as seen. 

opening bid: $45

current bid $


Lot 35

Terrific, slightly oversized quarter-plate tintype (3 ¼” x 5”) of a man riding his horse on what appears to be a remote road in the woods.  However, appearances can be deceiving as we notice a fire hydrant blending in with the wood fence in the background.  We can’t remember the last time we noticed a fire hydrant in a tintype, if ever.  Upon close inspection we feel this man might be ex-military but it is just speculation on our part based on the style of his dress.  He has either a very large cuff on his coat or field gloves similar to what a cavalry man would wear.  The image is in very good minus condition with nice tones and contrast.  There is some rust on the far left perimeter and a flake or two as seen in the scan along with some surface wear. 

opening bid: $35

current bid: $35


Lot 36

Great, slightly oversized sixth-plate tintype (2 ½” x 3 3/8”) of an identified house in Evanston, IL.  On the paper sleeve it reads, A. V. Snyder Home, No. Evanston, ILL, 2622 Hartzell St.  This house is still standing although modified and you can find a photo when searching real estate listings.   Under magnification in front of the house is a chicken in a fenced off area.  The image is in very good minus condition with some wear and a few marks in the sky which areoriginal to the process.

opening bid: $40

current bid: $40



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