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Lot 22

Spectacular sixth-plate occupational ambrotype of two men identified as William Hall Russell and Thomas Aai Russell from Brookline NH. According to the note written in the back, the brothers  worked for Chas Campbell Russell as tinsmiths. We found all three men via genealogy sites online.  William was born in 1835, Thomas in 1828 and Charles in 1820.  The note also states the picture was taken about 1855 and it has what we suspect is a town or photographer’s name which we can’t decipher,  although a scan of the note is provided.  William is identified with the hammer and mallet and Thomas with the shears. The two men are certainly dressed for the winters of NH and wear heavy gloves and identical worn work pants. Both also have beards to protect against the cold winds. This ruby ambrotype is extremely sharp and in outstanding condition, with gorgeous tones and contrast and light hand tinting to the men’s cheeks. It is housed in a half of a case and truly one of the nicest ambrotypes you will find.

opening bid: $300

current bid: $550


Lot 23

Vibrant sixth-plate occupational ambrotype of a young woman in a military-style outfit.  We were perplexed by this until we closely examined the crest on her leather sash.  The top reveals a crown and the bottom a horn but the inside presented a challenge until we finally discovered it the heraldic device of the triskele - the coat of arms for the Isle of Man.  The woman’s belt buckle is a simple serpent-style but the hard-shelled hat still stumps us.  If anyone could provide any information it would be appreciated.  This young woman is engaging, with a slight grin and face full of freckles.  The photographer has done a very professional job of tinting her coat a burgundy color and her skirt a lovely blue-green.  Her cheeks have a pleasing hint of blush and her lips are red.  The image is in very good plus condition with fantastic tones and contrast.  There a few light brush-style marks when examined under light and one scratch on the sash below and to the right of the crest.  There are a few areas of black loss on the perimeter that is barely seen unless at an angle in light. It is housed in a full case. This is a unique ambrotype that will certainly encourage discussion! 

opening bid: $300

current bid: $300


Lot 24

Heavenly ninth-plate ambrotype of an altar boy.  He is dressed in a traditional cassock and surplice and holds his small prayer book.  The background appears similar to the communion rail we see in older Catholic churches.  The image is in excellent condition with beautiful tones and contrast and is housed in a full case. 

opening bid: $50

current bid: $50


Lot 25

Classic sixth-plate English ambrotype of a virtuoso posed with his violin and sheet of music.  He tightly grasps his bow but delicately holds the neck of his instrument ready for his performance.  While we can see notes on the sheet we can’t identify the song he will be performing.  This sharp ambrotype is in excellent condition with wonderful detail in his mature face.  It is housed in a half of a hanging case.

opening bid: $150

current bid: $210


Lot 26

Outstanding double viewing ambrotype of a precious young girl cradling her doll.  The image is housed in the typical Brady-style viewing case that has the image in a swing-style compartment with a dark velvet mat on the front and back covers so it can be viewed on either side. The only difference is the back image in this particular example does not have a preserver.  The plates are in excellent condition with a couple of minor spots. The case has a clasp for each side and is in excellent minus condition with just a hint of wear.  This is a wonderful collectible as these are not often seen, especially in this condition and with this type of content. 

opening bid: $120

current bid: $120


Lot 27

Vibrant quarter-plate English ambrotype of two young ladies posed with their three dogs.  This was obviously a family of means as the photographer has set-up shop in front of their stone house with a makeshift backdrop.  The women are dressed in identical gorgeous outfits with matching hats. The eldest has a beautiful smile on her face while her sister seems slightly annoyed!  This was a skilled artist with a steady hand as their spectacular blue striped dresses are perfectly hand painted. Their yellow sunhats are delightful and the dogs'’ pillow has been tinted red and the blanket a similar color.  A basket of flowers is tinted yellow, green and red and the bush to left a darker green.  Two of the dog’s tongues have also been tinted red.   The girl on the right had her eyes tinted but the color is now gone.  Lovely flesh tones and red lips on the girls round out this enchanting image.  Two of the dogs have moved but the one in the back is quite clear.  The image is in excellent condition with strong contrast and tones. Under magnification there is a hint of small paint flake here and there but this is not really noticeable during normal viewing.  A very special plate, housed in half of a hanging case. 

opening bid: $350

current bid $480


Lot 28

Intriguing Japanese ambrotype of a woman posed with a young boy.  While at first glance this appears to be a typical portrait we were unsure of the woman's heritage as she didn't appear to be Japanese to us. In the end we consulted a friend in Japan who said she mostly likely is Japanese with conceivably some other Asian background. If anyone has any additional thoughts please let us know. The young boy though presents his own sense of mystery in what he is holding. It appears to be a knife handle sticking out of a sheaf. We also see a rope hanging which might be attached to the knife or case although we can't be certain of either but we have provided a close-up scan. The simple setting with a large pedestal covered in fabrc is also quite unique. We purchased this without a case and have now encased it in a modern paper passe-partout presentation. The ambrotype measures approximately 3 1/8" x 3 7/8" and is in very good minus condition with decent tones and contrast. It has some scratches and some spots as seen.

opening bid: $100

current bid: $100


Lot 29

Engaging sixth-plate English ambrotype of a large family grouping. They are posed in front of a cottage with Chinese lanterns lining the porch awning along with a few strategically placed in the bushes. We have to say this is one of the strangest images that we’ve had in sometime as the pale complexion of the women make it seem as if their faces were Photo-shopped on to their bodies. The matriarch sits front and center holding a white bird while another rests on her lap. We’re assuming these are pigeons and possibly part of her brood.  The young boy in the adorable sailor outfit on the far right delicately holds something too but we can’t determine if it is a bird.  All are dressed in formal attire with the gentlemen sporting chimney pot hats. The case is marked in gold gilding on the back for Eastham’s Photographic Portrait Gallery, 7 Market St. Manchester. Judging by the chairs and the rest of the festive decorations this appears to be a resort area by the beach or in the countryside.  The image is in very good plus condition with nice tonal qualities. There are a few dark areas that show loss on the extreme perimter as seen. It is housed in a full case.

opening bid: $75

current bid: $75


Lot 30

Marvelous ninth-plate ambrotype of a Wisconsin working man wearing a cool oil slick wheel-style hat with a nice glossy sheen.  Behind the image mounted in the case is a label for A.W Peters, Photographic Bazaar and Fine Art Gallery, State Street, Beloit, WI.  Dec. 27, 1860.  According to Craig’s Registry the photographer was Andrew W. Peters. It appears he was first listed in 1857. The image is in very good condition. It is a little dark in contrast but still views quite nicely. We don’t see many identified WI images so don’t miss out. It is housed in half of a case.

opening bid: $75

current bid: $75


Lot 31

Charming quarter-plate tintype of a young child wearing a festive hat adorned with an upside down horseshoe. Some people believe this drains all the luck away, while others believe it will ward off evil when hung with the opening pointing down. This child’s parents must have fallen in the latter category. The image is cased and has a mat marked for E. Jacobs, NO. This, of course, is Edward Jacobs who according to Craig’s Registry was in New Orleans from 1844-61. The consignor purchased this as is and has no idea if the mat is original to the image, however it is a full quarter-plate and is an early tintype with the Griswold Patent on the back. We don’t see many Griswold plates currently on the market ! The image is housed in a full case.

opening bid: $75

current bid: $


Lot 32

Fascinating sixth plate tintype of a rough and tumble gentleman posed in an unusual outfit.  The previous owner suggested that this is possibly an early pre-Civil War uniform from the South but since that is not our area of expertise we will leave that determination up to the viewer. Whether a work or war outfit, it is quite interesting and the man certainly has his own enjoyable sense of style.  His expression is priceless as there is an equal sense of curiosity and distrust!  The image is in very good condition with lovely tonal qualities. There is a small area on the left and right perimeter that has some light bubbling and there is one small piece missing. From our perspective it currently seems stable. The image is housed in a full case. 

opening bid: $85

current bid: $

Lot 33

Exceptional occupational cdv tintype of a young photographer holding his pigment powders with the rest of his coloring kit displayed on the table next to him.  Since he is unidentified we are lovingly referring to him as the vampire artist!  Now this is not an original idea as we seem to recall Alan Johanson doing a presentation called the “vampire daguerreian” at one of the past symposiums. This young artist’s attire would equally be fashionable during the 1980’s - we have to give him credit for being so fashion forward with his turned-up collar and full length overcoat. In all seriousness, he is quite a dashing figure, sporting a lovely twisted walking stick with his bowler style hat leaning against the table. His partially smoked cigar also sits on the table by his kit so we’re hoping there is no turpentine lurking about! One thing that truly intrigues us as out of place is the small Japanese themed floral screen behind him as it appears too tiny for a backdrop. The image is in very good plus condition with lovely tones and contrast along with some typical light surface wear.  It is a delightful image of a true artist that would add to any collection!             

opening bid: $400

current bid: $400


Lot 34

Fantastic cdv tintype showing a young African-American man parked with a horse and wagon in front of the local blacksmith shop, identified as L.W. Davis and Co, laterally reversed.  An outstanding large horseshoe frames the Davis name.  The young lad sits on top of one of the six large barrels in the bed of the wagon holding a whip.  This appears to be out of necessity as there is no bench seating in this simple wagon.  A portable workbench is visible just to the left of the front of the horse and making it seem likely the smith will change the horse’s shoe in the street.  In the back and to the right of the man are what appear to be two women’s dress jackets which would mean a seamstress or dressmaker resides next door.  The image is in very good minus condition with decent tones and contrast.  At an angle we see a number of dark brown spots and a few might be rust.  There is a hint of a bend here and there but nothing that stands out when viewing.

opening bid: $85

current bid $85


Lot 35

Sharp cdv occupational tintype of a young hustler posed with a large crate inside a small hand wagon. This could be the owner’s son but it also speaks to the times when children worked to earn their keep.  Judging by this young man self-assured pose he certainly could sell you a box full of items. The fabulous crate itself reads J.M. McHugh Notions or possibly J.M. Hugh Notions laterally reversed.  It’s a little difficult to see the middle portion of the last name with the shadows. The image is in very good condition with nice tones and contrast.  There are a number of bends that are noticeable at an angle but nothing that distracts in our opinion when viewing normally.

opening bid: $120

current bid: $


Lot 36

Lovely cdv tintype of a cute young girl posed with her favorite doll in a carriage.  The wide-eyed young lady wears a simple dress with an unusual lace collar that looks homemade. The image is in very good plus condition with very nice tones and contrast.  There are a few typical surface marks seen at an angle along with a few light scratches that are visible with magnification. 

opening bid: $20

current bid: $20


Lot 37

Great cdv tintype of a boy posed with his large black dog.  He is dressed in his Sunday best which could be a hand-me-down as it seems a tad too large for him.  He wears a tiny bowtie that the photographer has tinted blue. His buddy, who resembles a Labrador, rests at his feet. The image is in very good condition with lovely tones and contrast. There are some light bends and a few typical surface marks. 

opening bid: $20

current bid: $20


Lot 38

Fun, slightly undersized half-plate tintype, (4 1/8 x 5 1/16”), of two women chauffeured in an unusual, elaborate landau-style carriage. The driver sits high above his passengers and a man in a suit leads the horses. The two women look relaxed in their luxury style seating with one holding an umbrella for some shade.  The image has a an identification on the back which reads, E. Hill, E. Johnson, and W. Hill, Gallaway Best.  While we can't say the location for sure, there is a Gallaway, Tennessee, so possibly the origin of this image.  It is in very good minus condition with nice tones and contrast.  Some light streak marks and some typical surface wear are seen at an angle.

opening bid: $45

current bid: $45


Lot 39

Charming pair of cdv tintypes of fashionable women.  The first shows two young women, possibly sisters, in voluminous gowns and elaborate large hats. One sister reads a letter while the other looks over her shoulder.  The sister in the back however couldn’t resist the temptation of sneaking a peak at the photographer!  She is also sporting a fur collar and a large fur hand muff. In the other image we see a smiling woman having a great deal of fun as she is waving a large white handkerchief.  We’re guessing that this was supposed to mimic a train station window or something similar.  We will say the photographer certainly has gone to great lengths to decorate his studio.  Both images are in very good condition with lovely tones and contrast.  The plate of the two women has some light bends seen at an angle and there is a little typical surface wear seen on both.  These are from an older collection and may possibly be related.

opening bid: $5

current bid: $5



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