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Over $10,001

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Lot 37


Spectacular oversized whole-plate presentation leather case.  This piece is certainly quite impressive and holds a whole-plate oval image.   The red velvet mat is still extremely vibrant and is highlighted by a gold rimmed border for the image.  It currently houses a damaged albumen photo that came with the piece.  One surprising but extremely unique feature is when you remove the inside mat and turn it upside down a gold loop drops out to allow for hanging the image on the wall with just the velvet mat.   The case itself measures 8 ¾” x 10 ¾” and has a pushbutton clasp that works properly.  It also has the original ribbon behind the image for removing the mat.  The front cover is a nice rich black gloss while the back is a little worn in color with a slightly more raised design.  There is a maker’s mark and we can’t decipher the name but it is mostly likely French or English.  This is a rare case that does not make its way to the market often!

opening bid: $150

current bid: $310


Lot 38

Lovely painted, black-lacquered, book-style, sixth-plate case.  This unlisted example shows a castle high on a cliff with a red flag flying high and three birds soaring above the water.  The case is in very good minus condition with a repaired hinge on the inside.  The back clasp is also a period replacement as it doesn’t match the front.  This is a rare case that could house an equally rare image! 

opening bid: $75

current bid: $220

Lot 39

Very nice, empty half-plate leather case just waiting for that special image.  It is brown with a lyre style design and contains a brass mat and preserver that has some spotting and separation.  The hinge has been replaced with pneumatic leather. 

opening bid: $85

current bid: $

Lot 40

Beautiful brown sixth plate empty leather case, Eagle in Flight, Berg 4-25.  This example is in excellent minus condition with just a hint of wear and a nice gloss appearance along with the original hinge.  It would look nice with a special dag or a Civil War image enclosed. 

opening bid: $35

current bid: $35


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