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Lot 1

Extraordinary sixth-plate occupational daguerreotype of a handsome blacksmith or tradesman.  Wearing a cool white work shirt with suspenders holding up his pants, this young lad tightly grasps his hammer and a large set of pliers, ready to get to work.  He is wide-eyed and eager and obviously quite proud of his professional choice as he chose to have his daguerreotype captured with the tools of his trade instead of a traditional portrait.  In fact, this might have been the only photograph in his life.  The image is in very good condition with nice tones and contrast. There is a heavier tarnish pattern on the perimeter along with some spots. We prefer this piece in its original state; however, it could be cleaned if desired.  There is one green copper spot on the bottom left corner.  We have resealed the plate with a new glass and it resides in a full leather case with silk pad.  We don’t see younger occupational daguerreotypes on the market quite as often these days so don’t miss this opportunity! 

opening bid: $950

current bid: $950

Lot 2

Exceptional horizontal sixth-plate daguerreotype of a mother posed with her daughters.  The image is identified by a paper label that reads G. Bartholomew, Ithaca. According to Craig’s Registry this is Charles G. Bartholomew also known as Professor Bartholomew. One source listed a G. Bartholomew as early as 1849 in Ithaca. By 1854 it seems he was in Auburn, NY.  We simply love the symmetry of this daguerreotype.  All women wear the same outfits and the daughters wear matching black fabric ribbon necklaces, all with a beautifully accomplished single pinprick piece of jewelry at the neckline.  The mother looks like a force to be reckoned with and we imagine that the photographer or his assistant didn’t dare stare at her daughters too long!  The girls seem to share her facial traits although the one on the right favors her mother more and she rests her hand upon her shoulder possibly signifying a closer bond. The image is in very good plus condition with great tones and contrast.  The whites and blacks are perfectly on the mark and there is a light hue to the women’s faces and lips.  There are a few spots as seen along with some very light buffing marks when closely examined. The image had old seals tightly intact. We added a touch of archival glue on the underside of the label to make sure it stays in place and resealed the image with a new glass.  It is housed in a full case. 

opening bid: $140

current bid: $140

Lot 3

Regal half-plate daguerreotype of a distinguished English gentleman. We could imagine him having a large country estate. He is holding his carved wooden walking stick and gloves while his hat rests on the table next to him. He is meticulously attired with a formal suit with long coat and shirt with a high starch white collar.  He certainly seems ready for a stroll to inspect his perfectly manicured gardens.  While not identified, this was definitely photographed by one of the masters.  The composition, tinting, and exposure are as professional as you will find.  The full view format without a mat and the convex cover glass enhance the technical qualities of this daguerreotype.  The plate is in excellent condition with crisp whites, blacks and lovely flesh tones. The background has a subtle blue hue along with a puff of clouds. The wood of the chair has a perfect deep rich brown color with a red tinted fabric.  The bushes in the background have been tinted green with a light yellow highlight here and there.  We have scanned the image and also provided a digital example. While the color hues are slightly different in the two views, you will not be disappointed with this image.  The scan has a reflection as seen on the perimeter because of the convex glass. The plate has a yellow paper backing that we have seen with numerous English images in the past. It appears to have older seals attached underneath but we see no reason to disturbed anything with this superb plate. It is housed in a full black leather pushbutton case that is similar to the Boston design. 

opening bid: $650

current bid: $750

Lot 4

Delightful sixth-plate daguerreotype by M.P. Simons, identified with a brass mat mark.  According to Craig’s Registry, Montgomery Simons started as a casemaker as early as 1842.  In 1848 he turned towards making daguerreotypes in Philadelphia.  He would eventually move to Richmond VA in 1852 before moving back to Philadelphia in 1857.  Given the format, at first glance this appears to be done at his first studio in Philadelphia.  However, a damaged ambrotype of an older woman came with this lot that included a modern note identifying her as Mrs. E. O. Willis, Culpepper, VA, so it is also possible that the photos were done in VA.  This older gentleman seems carefree and judging from his grin he appears to be enjoying his senior lifestyle.  He casually holds his wire rim glasses at just the right angle to give them a pleasurable visual effect, creating a stark white contrast to his suit.  He definitely knew how to pose for the camera and of course a professional like Simons took full advantage of that skill.  The image is in excellent condition with great tones and contrast, with light tinting to the man’s face and lips.  There are a few spots as seen.  The image had old seals tightly intact and we have resealed it with a new glass.  It is housed in a full case. 

opening bid: $100

current bid: $

Lot 5

Stunning sixth-plate daguerreotype of a sultry, gorgeous woman attributed to Samuel Broadbent.  While not identified, this was definitely one of Broadbent’s backdrops as we have sold quite a few of this photographer’s works over the years.  This one, however, might be our favorite so far!  The woman is professionally posed and has to be one of the most beautiful women we have seen in a daguerreotype.  She wears a breathtaking dress with a sexy low-cut neckline, accentuated by a large cross on her pearl necklace.  The floral pattern on her outfit actually mimics the vines that cascade down the post.  This couldn’t have been planned any better - maybe it was even coordinated with Broadbent.  To add a further sense of excitement she wears a beautiful lace shawl with some of the most sexy long lace gloves.  Not to be outdone, her earrings are exceptional in their own right.  The window sill has been draped with a throw to protect this dazzling ensemble.  The plate is in excellent minus condition with lovely tones and contrast and some light tinting to the woman’s face and lips. There are a few small spots as seen.  The previous owner said the old seals were intact and he opened it to clean the old glass.  We have since resealed it with a new glass and it is housed in a full case.  One of our past Broadbent plates of a beautiful young teenaged woman attracted a lot of attention and we still have people asking if the current seller would like to part with it.  This is a very similar pose and while slightly older, this woman has a similar look.  Don’t miss out on this one as the new owner might not want to ever sell it, either! 

opening bid: $750

current bid: $750

Lot 6

Dynamite pairing of a gorgeous black oval ninth-plate union case, Berg3-426, with a dazzling daguerreotype of a handsome young heartbreaker.  Dressed in his formal suit with long wavy hair, he was certainly destined to have his share of suitors.  The image is in outstanding condition with stunning black and white contrast and a gorgeous tonal quality.  The case is also excellent with a nice bright gloss shine.  While a smaller format, this daguerreotype will certainly impress! 

opening bid: $120

current bid: $120


Lot 7

Impressive pair of large, framed, French daguerreotypes showing a father with his sons and the mother with her daughters.  The images fall somewhere between half- and three-quarter plate size, measuring approximately 4 7/8” x 6 3/8.”  Each is identified on the back to Mons. Bequet, Artist, 3 Boulevard Montmartre, Paris.  We find it fascinating that Bequet has decided to use English for the description of his technique, something that we’ve rarely seen with French daguerreotypes.  He states “his inventions are unsurpassed and that the colouring, (sic), he applies gives them an appearance resembling Pastel Paintings, without in any manner deviating from the plainness of the Relievo, which the Daguerreotype alone can perform.”  His printer has misspelled Pastels as Vastels but he has changed the V to a P with period ink.  He also states that his operation allows him to perform the image in one or two seconds.  He advertises that they speak English, French, German and Italian so obviously he appeals to the tourist trade and the upper elite.  He also mentions he can take daguerreotypes of large families at their residence.  Finally, saving the best for last, he boasts, “lessons Given- Success Guaranteed.”  As far as Bequet’s technique, it is truly fascinating.  He has created his own pastel painting effect by using brush strokes surrounding his subjects, creating a unique and interesting appearance.  At first glance, especially to the American eye, these might look similar to wipe marks but when examined closely you will see it is truly his technique.   We feel he has been slightly more successful with the mother and daughter image in creating the effect he advertised although he possibly used a slightly differently technique to create a more feminine expression.  His color palette resembles water colors, especially with soft light pink tinting of the daughters’ outfits.  The mother’s dress is similar to a bisque color and her bow is also tinted pink.  The boys’ jackets are light yellow and their dresses resemble the color of their mother’s outfit.  Both daguerreotypes have a very intimate feel.  Bequet was a true artist in composition! The plates are in excellent condition with a few scattered spots.  The mother and daughter image appeared to have never been opened in the past but the father’s piece had two later 19th century stamp style seals added to the back of the plate.  We have cleaned the glass and resealed the daguerreotypes.  With the frames they measure approximately 9 ¼” x 11.  This is a spectacular pair that would be exciting on anyone’s wall! 

opening bid: $750

current bid: $750


Lot 8

Striking quarter-plate daguerreotype of a young Philadelphia woman by W. & F. Langenheim, Philadelphia Exchange, as marked on the velvet mat.  Of course, this is the famous William & Fredrick Langenheim, pioneers of photography in the US.  The brothers opened their first studio in Philadelphia in 1840.  For further information on their illustrious career please go to Craig’s Registry.  This woman is certainly one of Philadelphia’s elites, dressed in high style with a beautiful silk gown and holding a delicate coin purse.  Her waist has been cinched tightly to give her that perfect hourglass figure.  She holds her hand right at her waist line which has been suggested by some to mean she is with child.  Her black hat has been delicately decorated with flowers that are tinted a pleasurable pink/red hue.  She is obviously married as we see not only what appears to be a large lovely diamond engagement ring but also a matching wedding band.  As always, the Langenheims created a stunning daguerreotype with nice tones and contrast.  The plate has scattered spider spots throughout as seen but remarkably they are mostly in the background except for a couple on her bonnet and a hint on the bottom of her dress.  The image still had the original dirty glass so we resealed it with new glass to prevent any further issues. It is housed in a full leather case.  From a consigned collection. 

opening bid: $90

current bid: $90


Lot 9

Engaging sixth-plate occupational daguerreotype of what we suspect is a young farmer.  The former owner from California hinted that this could be a miner but we suspect that the design on his coat is embroidered wheat.  In fact this reminds us of coveralls that were very common on farms even fifty years ago.  You can see the material is extremely heavy while the inside has a silk quilt-like quality. Now, what little is visible of his work shirt is similar to what we have seen with miners in the past so maybe the man has a dual profession, which was likely not be uncommon if he is from the West.  As we know, from a historical perspective most miners didn’t strike it rich! Any thoughts on his outfit though would be appreciated.  The man is handsome in his own right and stares directly at the camera, letting it fully capture his spirit. The image is in very good plus condition with great tones and contrast with a hint of tinting to his cheeks.  There is some overall plate tarnish and some small spots that could be removed if so desired however we prefer it in its natural state. There is one small buffing line/light scratch on the right side by the man’s shoulder.  We have resealed the plate with a new glass and it is housed in half of a case. 

opening bid: $650

current bid: $


Lot 10

Exceptional sixth-plate daguerreotype of two buddies.  Both are meticulously dressed but the gentleman on the right has more of a flair for fashion. He wears a unique pair of baggy pants with a bold pattern.  The heavy fabric is fascinating and we can’t quite determine the material as it is rather stiff with an almost velvet appearance.  Maybe these were made from his plush curtains!  His friend on the left is much more traditional with a perfectly fitted suit and a long formal jacket.  While we can’t say for sure, it appears the photographer might have tinted his hair a light red/brown.  The image is in excellent minus condition with beautiful tones and contrast along with some light hues to the men’s cheeks and lips.  There are a few extremely small spots as seen and one small spot on the bottom lip of the man on the right.   We have resealed the image with a new glass and it is housed in half of a case. 

opening bid: $250

current bid: $250


Lot 11

Incredibly striking sixth-plate daguerreotype of a man reading his newspaper.  He is dressed in formal attire and wears a fabulous beaver skin stove-pipe hat.  The detail in this older gentleman’s face is amazing, showing every earned wrinkle.  We love that it appears the daguerreotypist captured this impromptu while the man was in the waiting room for his scheduled portrait.  The image has a brass mat stamp for A. Warren and according Craig’s Registry Andrew Warren was listed in Waltham, MA in 1852.  The image is in excellent condition with beautiful tones and contrast.  The plate had an old seal present and we have now resealed it with a new glass.  It is housed in a full case.    

opening bid: $550

current bid: $1500


Lot 12

Treasured, signed half-plate French daguerreotype of a mother and son.  This enchanting image can’t help but bring a smile to your face when you see the glee or astonishment in this young boy’s eyes.  We wish we could recreate that sense of youthful exhilaration and bottle it for everyday use!  His mother poses in a relaxed but slightly more refined pose.  She appears to be an old pro at this and judging from the grin on her face she knew her son would be ecstatic during his time in the studio.  Perhaps he is a budding daguerreotypist in the making!  Both are dressed in lovely outfits and the optical illusion with her dress is fascinating, especially under magnification. There is a signature on the plate on the right side which reads “Mayer freres.”  According to Janet Buerger’s book, French Daguerreotypes, “Mayer freses (presumably Frederic and Ernest) and Louis Pierson are found operating together and separately during the daguerrean period.”  Please see the reference for a much more detailed description.  The image is in excellent condition with fabulous tones and contrast.  The detail in this daguerreotype is quite amazing.  There are a few small spots as seen.  The oversized passe-partout presentation measures 7 ½” x 9”, and would look wonderful framed and hanging on your wall!

opening bid: $600

current bid: $


Lot 13

Dazzling gold daguerreian bracelet containing an image of a man and his named engraved on the front cover.  While we have no way of testing for gold content the former jewelry dealer who owned this said it was 10K and weighed 16.4 grams.  The cover has the typical 19th century scroll work with the name E. A. Pope. The image is of a wide-eyed gentleman sporting a beard and we assume the bracelet was worn by his wife.  The daguerreotype appears to be in excellent minus condition with a number of small dust spots on the inside of the glass.  These can be carefully removed by a professional if so desired.  The bracelet is in excellent minus condition too with three different clasps settings to fit different size wrists.  It opens and clasps with ease.  There are a few light scratches as expected on the cover and it also opens and closes with ease. A stunning piece of daguerreian jewelry that is meant to be worn!  

opening bid: $850

current bid: $


Lot 14

Adorable sixth-plate daguerreotype of twin brothers.  These boys are so precious with their semi-frightened expressions and matching outfits.  Their clothes are intriguing, seemingly a Zouave influence meets a somewhat clown reference with the lace collars!  The boy on the right looks slightly more apprehensive about the process and shyly holds his brother’s hand.  We are sure they were joined together in life as in this portrait and it was most likely a treasured artifact for years to come.  The image is in excellent condition with great tones and contrast. It had old seals intact and has been resealed it with a new glass.  It is housed in a full case.

opening bid: $75

current bid: $75


Lot 15

Divine quarter-plate English daguerreotype of a painting by Paine, 5 Trinity Row, Upper St., Islington; identified with a gold gilded stamp on the back of the case.  This plate is so sharp it closely resembles an actual portrait.  The detail with the brush strokes is quite amazing.  The image is in very good plus condition with great tones and contrast along with some light tinting to the cheeks and lips.  There are some light scratches on the man’s coat on the left and a small line or two in the background that are hard to see.  We have resealed the image with a new glass and it is housed in a full leather case with just a small amount of loss on the bottom of the back. 

opening bid: $140

current bid: $


Lot 16

Charming quarter-plate daguerreotype of an attractive teenaged woman.  While still retaining her innocence this young beauty seems to be able to express herself, as exhibited by her slightly more sophisticated choice of fashion.  She wears an unusual, bold-patterned dress accentuated with a large closed silk cape with a lace border.  A pinpricked ring and pendant along with simple hoop earrings round out her ensemble.  The photographer has tinted her dress a light blue although it appears to have slightly faded over the years.  The tablecloth is tinted red.  The image is in very good plus condition with decent tones and contrast along with some light hues to the young lady’s face and lips.  A few small spots as seen and the couple of lines present are not scratches but seem to be original to the process.  There are a few extremely light buffing lines when examined closely.  The image had older seals and we have now resealed it with a new glass.  It is housed in a full case. 

opening bid: $150

current bid: $150



Lot 17

Entertaining sixth-plate daguerreotype of a handsome young man.  After seeing his extremely large tie we couldn’t stop smiling at this image!  He cuts quite the figure though with his dark curly hair, bedroom eyes and a soul patch to add that element of danger.  The daguerreotypist has slightly overexposed this one but the solorization adds to the enjoyment.  The image has a few light vertical lines/scratches on the right perimeter as seen.  We have resealed it with a new glass and it is housed in half of a case. 

opening bid: $50

current bid: $50


Lot 18

Lovely sixth-plate oval, French daguerreotype of an exotic-looking beauty.  Seen in a pensive pose she stares directly at the photographer, fashionably attired in a lovely full black gown accentuating her hourglass figured.  Gold-glided earrings and buckles on her sleeve and waistline round out the ensemble.  The image is in very good plus condition with beautiful flesh tones.  It is mounted on a red colored velvet insert and housed in a great full case with metal hinges and a gilded design on the front.  The case has a slight warp but it easily latches. 

opening bid: $130

current bid: $130


Lot 19


Treasured sixth-plate daguerreotype of a young man identified on a later note as Grandfather Francis William Elliot.   There is some confusion to his age as inscriptions list it as 21 in two places and 17 in another.  There is a small cut cabinet card photo included in the case that is identified as his daughter, Margaret E. Walker.  Whether 17 or 21, this young man certainly looks like the weight of the world is already on his shoulders judging by his furrowed brow.  He’s quite skinny and his fur or beaver covered hat seems large for his head.  The image is in very good condition with nice tones and contrast.  There are some spots as seen with one copper spot by the young man’s shoulder on the right side.  A few of the spots might be removed with a distilled water soak.  Old seals were partially present and we have resealed the image with a new glass. It is housed in a full case.

opening bid: $55

current bid: $55


Lot 20


Wonderful sixth-plate daguerreotype of a studious looking gentleman by J. Gurney, 349 Broadway, as identified by a brass mat stamp.  According to Craig’s Registry Jeremiah Gurney opened his first gallery in NY in 1843.  In 1852 he purchased the gallery at 349 Broadway from Jessie Whitehurst.  It had been destroyed in a fire.  For further information on his long, illustrious career please reference Craig’s Registry.  Our sitter definitely has an air of academia about him and while professionally attired he has a more casual sense of style.  The semi-profile pose accentuates his long flowing beard which in actuality might enhance his sense of knowledge.  There is something quite mesmerizing about this man! The image has a number of light vertical scratches as seen. It has been resealed with a new glass and resides in a full case with a slightly loose hinge.  From an older, consigned collection.  

opening bid: $60

current bid: $85


Lot 21


Sweet sixth-plate daguerreotype of a cute young boy holding a small book.  It is difficult to tell for sure, but the book appears to have a small angel on the front.   The image is in excellent minus condition with a couple of small spots.  It has old seals along with some wax still intact and most of the smaller spots appear to be on the glass.  It has nice tones and contrast and it is housed in a full case.  From an older collection.

opening bid: $50

curren t bid: $


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