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Lot 80

Great Cuban warm-toned photograph identified as the “Railroad Station at Guanajay, Cuba.”  We see a man on the tracks who appears to be directing train traffic.  He stands inside white guide lines which we assume are for his safety.  In the far background is very small check station.  The man leaning on the column on the platform wears high boots with a hat similar to a cowboy.  The image is in very good plus condition with nice tones and contrast and the number 74 etched is in the negative.  With the mount it measures 5 ½” x 6 ½.” 

opening bid: $20

current bid: $20

Lot 81

Spectacular large, warm-toned photograph of Friedrich’s Music House in Grand Rapids, Mi.  According to the website, “Friedrich Bros. Music House was a general music dealer in Grand Rapids whose merchandise included pianos, organs, sheet music and musical supplies.   It was recognized as the most extensive music business in the city and one of the largest is the state, serving all of western Michigan. The business was established by Paul W. and Otto Friedrich in 1873 and later assumed by their brother Julius A. Friedrich.”  We simply love this display window as its large assortment of violins are quite extraordinary.  There are even parts of the instrument arranged on the floor of the display.  There is a sign that advertises new and old violins and they cater to everyone from the student to the professional.  We also see two broadsides for a performance on April 6 by Hoffman Kreisler and a large framed photomontage of nine portraits.  The image is in excellent minus condition with nice tones.  As seen there are a few lighter areas because of the strong light in the shop.  You will notice a reflection of the lights at the top by the center violin.  The mount was too large to fit in the scanner but there four corners chips with a few other light nicks on the sides.   With the mount it measures, 11 ½” x 13 ½.”  The photograph is by J.H. Packer, Grand Rapids, MI. 

opening bid: $50

current bid: $50

Lot 82

Marvelous warm toned photograph of St. Johnsbury, Vt.  The St. Johnsbury House is seen the background and according to the Discover St. Johnsbury website it dates to 1850.  “This is a gracious North Country hotel that has housed Presidents and other notables.  Paired Doric columns frame the two story portico, which is a major architectural feature of Main Street, since it can be seen from both ends of the curved street. It is now home to senior housing and the Good Living Senior Center.”  The town and particularly the hotel are celebrating a special occasion, possibly a significant anniversary of establishment.  In addition to the hotel’s name on the carriage, we also see H.S Chase at the top.  Could that possibly be the hotel owner? The carriage is decked out in streamers with the wheels being most festive.  By the front wheel a large, cute dog is curled up and peeks at the camera operator.  Atop the carriage, a ring of young girls in white surround a military musician holding his horn.  Four distinguished gentlemen in formal suits and stovepipe hats sit directly in front of the girls.  The most surprising feature is a young boy in black face and what appears to be an older man at the reins also in black face.  There are numerous businesses in the background and a few of the legible signs are for George Ranney, Groceries; Dr. R.W. Warner, Dentist; J.F. Clarks Harness Shop, and a Confectioner Shop.  Other signs are visible that might be deciphered with further magnification.  To the far right we see two men in a buggy, with one holding his cute daughter.  Behind them is another passenger carriage that appears to be empty and possibly also owned by this thriving hotel.  The image is very good minus condition with nice tones and contrast.  There is some spotting as seen along with some surface wear.  The mount has been cut down at some point and it measures approximately 7 ½” x 9 ½.”    

opening bid: $100

current bid: $

Lot 83

Fabulous occupational gelatin silver print of an older gentleman caning a chair seat.  He works patiently, threading line cane throughout the seat and you can see numerous threads hanging below.  The old worn seat lies on the ground next to a generous amount of the new line cane and his hat.  The image is in very good minus condition with nice tones and contrast along with sharp detail.  There is a stain line that is visible face level as seen.  A rare occupational that is a first for us!  The image measures 7” x 9” with the mount and has no photographer identification.   

opening bid: $30

current bid: $

Lot 84

A thought provoking photograph of a family business that leaves us wanting to know more.  First we notice a cool boot sign on the right corner of the building for W. Kemp, advertising boots and shoes.  Also, there is an older couple, their son and their dog posed on the porch.  The son looks down at the ground with a somber expression.  Is he just unhappy with life or was he trying to look professional?  There are two signs propped against the business and one clearly reads “Los Angeles Times for sale.”  The other is less legible except for the word “Times.”  In the front window we see what appear to be five photographs in plastic sleeves; however, the one which shows two women might be part of a newspaper as there appears to be writing above the image.  Two others are scenic and are similar to what you would see in a Watkins image or that of another great California artist.   There are also small bottles visible in the window with what appear to be some small cases of some kind and a few other items we can’t identify.  With some research it might be possible to track down this business.  The image is in very good condition with nice tones and contrast.  There is some light wear as seen along with a few spots to the mount which measures 6 ¾" x 10."   

opening bid: $20

current bid: $20

Lot 85

Fun photo montage of what we assume is a sewing club.  We see ten cabinet cards of women- one of whom seems to outshine the others with her fur lined jacket and feather top hat!  In the center the photographer has artfully included a pair of scissors, a thimble and a spool of thread.   Along the border we see the saying “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine.”  Two of the cabinet cards with photographer identifications: one for James and the other for McCormick, Boston, MA.  The image is in good plus condition being a little light in contrast with a few spots as seen.  With the mount it measures 7” x 9.” 

opening bid: $10

current bid: $10


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