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Lot 81

Exciting albumen photograph of a Wisconsin military unit in formal dress standing in full formation with the US flag flying front and center.  While interesting enough in its own right the additional bonus is the photographic studio of J. Goetz and Co. in the background. The image has no photographer’s stamp but we are assuming this is J.W. Goetz from West Bend, WI as identified by the previous owner. According to the Museum of Wisconsin Art, John W. Goetz (1839-1912) was born near Tiffin, Ohio and by 1860 he and his family moved to Wisconsin. He married Mary Wagner of West Bend in 1864. He previously worked as a carpenter before becoming a photographer. In 1875 he partnered with Mr. Bangs in West Bend. By 1887 he owned a photography business located on Hickory Street in West Bend. He worked as a photographer in West Bend for over thirty years. The image is in very good plus condition with some extremely light wear seen at an angle. With the mount it measures 8” x 10.” 

opening bid: $100

current bid: $

Lot 82

Delightful warm-toned photograph of two men in a horse and wagon with a young girl staring into the window of the photograph rooms. This is a charming piece as this young girl is mesmerized by something in the studio/store.  In the window we see cameras and some chemical bottles for processing so perhaps she is a budding photographer in the making. However, we do see something that reads ABC so perhaps she is just peering at the toys the photographer used for props and distraction! A sign above advertises Crescent Bicycles. In the left window we see a large framed photo and above the door we see the Photograph Rooms sign. It must be a chilly day as the two men have a blanket over them for warmth. The image is in very good condition with a few spots and some light marks. With the mount it measures 8” x 10,” with no photographer’s identification. 

opening bid: $45

current bid: $

Lot 83

Fun mounted photograph showing a bike club of fifteen people including children. While not identified, the previous owner stated that it was part of a collection of images from Waterloo, IL. While we see some subtle differences, especially with the kid’s bikes, most of the machines appear to be the same model which is quite curious as the population in the city during this time period would have be about 2000 people. We would love to know the history of this image and why everyone bought the same bicycle although we guess supplies and models were limited at the time. The photo is in very good minus condition although slightly light. There is a break to the mount on the bottom right corner as seen but the image is not damaged. It measures 6 ½” x 8 ½.”  

opening bid: $55

current bid: $65

Lot 84

Sharp, warm-toned photograph of the Canadian Cotton Mills, Milltown, New Brunswick.  St.Stephen/Milltown is located on the St. Croix River directly across the border.  The textile mill opened in 1882 and at peak times employed up to 1,200 people.  It closed in 1957 and was demolished in 1972. This stunning image shows the mill in its full glory with smoke billowing out of its tower into the sleepy town. Upon magnification we see a railroad track with numerous hand rail carts lined up in front of the mill. A horse or oxen is nearby in the yard.  Some lumber and debris float in the glassy waters in the foreground. The image with mount measures 8” x 10” and has a cool dark border artistically surrounding the perimeter.  It is in very good plus condition with strong rich tones and contrast. A few spots and marks as seen. 

opening bid: $20

current bid: $35

Lot 85

Fabulous warm toned 20th century photograph of a Native American man. This close-up image is quite spectacular, seemingly showing every bit of life this man had to endure or enjoy. With the heavy mount it measures 8” x 10” and is in very good plus condition with lovely tones and contrast. No photographer’s identification.

opening bid: $50

current bid: $50


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