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We offer a spring and fall auction every year.
Our next sale will be in fall 2017.

Our Spring 2017 sale included daguerreotype offerings of a badass gold miner, a portrait of Jenny Lind, a rare plate of a baby and its nanny from India, a Mason, a stunning piece of hair jewelry, a monocular Mascher, a lovely framed French piece, along with identified images for Anson, Powers, Walker, and Broadbent.  Other hard plates include an extraordinary political statement about taxes, a butcher, a tavern, a tailor, surveyors, men with horses and a girl with an unusual shutter release bulb.  CDVs and cabinet cards include a photographer,   photo advertising, a specialty photo studio, the interior of a studio, kittens, dogs, a saddle maker, a baker with bread, a fireman, a MN fire, African American, carnival/freak show personalities, a painter, a football player and musicians. Other paper includes a stunning display window with violins.

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