Grocery Story

Outstanding sixth-plate outdoor English ambrotype of a store owner posed before his business. You would be hard pressed to find more content in a sixth plate! A sign at the top of the building reads, Post Office, Wine & Grocery Store. Directly above the owner we see the name R. Patch and off to the left it says Italian Warehouseman. The other signs read All Goods or All Wines at Store Prices for Cash. A large amount of wine bottles are displayed in the windows. There are numerous other small signs that appear decipherable, such as the one the owner is leaning on which says Cooper Co., Ale & Stout. An additional bonus is a dog casually sitting in the wagon. He has his legs crossed and appears ready to drive at a moment s notice. We can assume the owner lives on the upper floor as lace curtains are evident and a row of flower boxes extend the length of the building on the right. The image is in excellent condition with nice tonal qualities.