Rural Gentleman

Sharp sixth-plate daguerreotype of a young man who appears to be from a rural setting or a small town.  Dressed in a heavy plaid coat with a slightly worn floral vest we see a large crumbled handkerchief or cloth protruding from his pocket.  His neckwear is haphazardly tied and the front of his hair sticks stiffly towards the sky.  It is such a delightful portrait in sharp contrast to the more wealthy patrons we so commonly see on the market.  It certainly brings a smile to your face - similar to that the young sitter is so determined to control.  The plate is in excellent condition with nice tones and contrast along with light tinting to his face.  There is some perimeter tarnish and a couple of tarnish spots on his jacket which are not visible in the scan as they are mostly seen at an angle and not a distraction.  The image has been resealed with a new glass and is housed in a worn full leather case with missing leather on two of the rails and a scrape to the back.