European thermoplastic snuffbox with daguerreotype







Spectacular European thermoplastic snuffbox with a small oval daguerreotype mounted on the top. The image of a lovely young woman, with very nice flesh tones added to her face and a dab of red to the bow below her lace collar, measures approximately 1”x 1 ¼”. The daguerreotype is in excellent condition with good tonal qualities and contrast. There are some very small dust spots visible on the underside of the glass. The equally gorgeous box has a beautiful pattern of silver and brass inlay, although it is difficult to tell if some areas are painted. There is one thin line on the left side of the image where the brass is missing as seen in the scan. It is a little stiff when opening, and there are some chips missing on top portion of the bottom half. The box measures approximately 1 ¾”x 3 ¼”. A rare opportunity to own an extremely unusual daguerreian art form!