English African-American nanny

Wonderful sixth plate military ambrotype photographed in India in 1893.  While slightly illegible to us the back reads Calcutta 1893 leaving India was led one more look upon a (name which we can’t decipher), old face and made him look sweetly upon the trial.  The man on the left is named George Stewart.  The previous owner said the copy of a certificate of discharge came with this piece and Mr. Stewart was on the ship named the Sultan.  Its Port of Registry was Bombay with the place of engagement being Calcutta on 1-9-93.  According to the previous owner George Stewart was previously in the Army from 1870-80 before joining the Navy.   The portrait shows George with a mustache and a pipe sticking out of his mouth.  He is quite the dashing military figure.  His friend is much more common in his appearance and exhibits a slight grin.  An Indian guide or servant is seen directly behind the men.   The image is presented in full frame with just a preserver.  The tone and contrast are nice and there is some spotting mostly seen on his friend on the right.  It is housed in half of what appears to be an American case.