Cool cdv-size occupational tintype (2 ¼” x 3 ½”) of two carpenters or possibly lumberjacks. Whatever their job, we would love to work with these guys!  Judging from their dress these two men are quite the characters.  The man on the left wears a wild pair of plaid pants hiked well above his waist.  His thin pinstriped jacket is tucked inside his pants along with a white shirt.  He is holding a saw in his right hand.  To complete his quirky ensemble he wears an unusual hat which appears too small for his head.  While not as flamboyant, the man on the right wears a slightly strange dark pinstripe shirt or jacket over a barely visible white shirt.  Under close examination it appears to button in the front but actually seems to be on backwards.  He wears a very nice bowler hat and holds a hand ax in his hand with the blade facing upwards.   The strange painted backdrop seems to complete this fantastic yet hilarious portrait with some very weird trees along with an ornate arched column.    This tintype is in excellent condition with some light tinting to their cheeks.