Locket with militia man and wife



Fabulous gold watch style locket which house a man in full militia uniform with a large plumbed feather hat.  Quite the imposing figure he has that look of an officer and appears to be very adept at ordering people around.  It is quite rare to find a military daguerreotype in a locket format and this is first we have ever offered during our auctions.  We can’t make out any identifying marks that would give us a hint of his location but if anyone has any information please let us know.  On the opposite side we see a daguerreotype of his wife.  The front cover of the locket has a lovely house on the water scene with that back being a simple geometric design.  We have not tested it but this does appear to have some gold content.  The number 63 is engraved behind the militia daguerreotype but we don’t know the significance of this mark.  The militia daguerreotype is in very good condition with nice tones and contrast and some small spots.  A few of the spots are green in nature as seen.  We didn’t remove the image from the insert but it could easily be done for conservation is so desired.  His wife’s image is in very good condition with some light spotting.  The images without the locket measure approximately 1 ¼” in circumference.   A very rare and exciting military daguerreotype in a most unusual format.  This will be a compliment to any collection!