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The Daguerreian Society is an organization of daguerreotype afficianados. They provide information about daguerreotypes and the photographers who took them, noteable collections, and details about this first photographic process through their newsletters and annual symposium.

Craig's Daguerreian Registry provides an extensive bibliography of 19th century photographers.

"The making of a daguerreotype" is an informative dagzine by Matthew Isenberg on the daguerreian photographic process.



The Illinois State Historical Library has a large, accessible collection of photography that includes over 300 hard images, including several of Mary Todd Lincoln and her family as well as a substantial inventory of documented photographs pertaining to Illinois participation in the Civil War.

The Michigan Photo Historical Society was formed in 1972. The Society encourages the collection and preservation of photographic equipment, images, photo literature, processes and techniques and the study of history of photographers and equipment, especially as related to Michigan.

The Missouri Historical Society houses the extraordinary Easterly collection, as documented by Dee Kilgore in her book, Likeness and Landscape. It also lays claim to an outstanding research library and an extraordinary staff.

The Newberry Library in Chicago is home to several of Easterly's exquisitely hand-tinted portraits of Indian notables.

The Art Institute of Chicago owns, among their many treasures, a spectacular daguerreotype portrait of the great orator Frederick Douglass.

The Chicago Historical Society's nearly one thousand cased images record the early history of Chicago and the United States. The collection is nationally renowned for its portraits of prominent figures such as Daniel Webster, Lucretia Mott, and Sam Houston.



The 2nd Edition of Nineteenth Century Photographic Cases and Wall Frames, by Paul Berg.


Full-time daguerreian artists include Mike Robinson and Jerry Spagnoli. From his Toronto studio, Mike provides hands-on instructional workshops. Jerry published "Jerry Spagnoli: Daguerreotypes." His work can also be seen at the Edwynn Houk Gallery in NYC.

Charlie Schreiner publishes a newsletter for contemporary daguerreotypists entitled The Daguerreotypist.

Other well-known daguerreian photographers include John Hurlock, Ken Nelson, Irving Pobbaravsky, Robert Shlaer, Eric Mertens, and a host of other very talented folks.

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